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Protec carpet steam cleaning, Nudgee, Clayfield, Stafford, Aspley,
Boondall and all Brisbane suburbs.

Truck Mount Hydramaster equipment


Why our processes are better

Because we use a biodegradable shampoo and deodorant to pre-spray the carpet. We use steam cleaning to extract all of the dirt, allergens, mud, oils, grease and shampoo from the carpets. Our superior deep cleaning process does not leave shampoo or residue in the carpet leaving them softer and cleaner to LIVE on· Your carpets will LOOK better and FEEL better for longer. We DO NOT use any harsh chemicals or shampoos - all of our shampoos are biodegradable.

Pro-Tec DO NOT have any hidden costs!

Some carpet cleaners have cheap starting prices, but may add on "extras" that you should be getting for free. Pro-tec's cleaning includes the "extras" such as carpet shampoo pre-spray and deodorising and stain removal. These are included in our prices, giving you the best service around. If you have a difficult stain to remove or you require carpet protection, our technicians will discuss the process and the price with you BEFORE they start work. This allows YOU to make an informed decision and have no nasty surprises when you receive your bill. We will also move most furniture.



PRO-TECT YOUR INVESTMENT - Carpets should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. This lengthens the life of your carpet by removing dirt and sand that may embed in your carpet and cut off the pile from the base. Regular steam cleaning also makes your carpets look and feel better for longer as well as making short term cleaning easier and more effective.

Carpets - We are able to clean all types of carpets including sisal, Berber and wool. Our truck mount equipment is amongst the most effective 'tools of the trade' today. No shampoo is passed through the system, ensuring no sticky residue or dirt is left behind. By using this technique, your carpets are almost dry and ready to walk on straight away. This method cleans the pile completely without damaging or causing discolouration. Unlike commercially available carpet shampoos, suction steam cleaning is strong enough to lift most minor stains, beach sand, grease, oil and dirt from your carpets but gentle enough to be used on expensive carpets and upholstery. This process also removes allergens including dust, pollen and dust mites from carpets allowing asthma sufferers to breathe easier and leaves your house smelling fresh and clean.

Rugs - Our technicians are also able to clean all types of rugs and hallway runners. Delicate rugs, such as Persian and shag pile, are returned to the Pro-Tec facility to be professionally cleaned using a neutral PH solution to ensure no damage is caused. The rugs are returned to the owner when dry.

Stains - Special spotters are used to remove difficult and stubborn stains including (but not limited to) makeup, oil, crayon, felt pens, water stains, blood, pet stains and wine. On most occasions, our technicians are able to remove the stain completely. Stain removal success is dependent on the type of carpet and how long the stain has been present. To evaluate any stains you may have, our technicians can assess your stains for free. Try us, you may be delighted with the result.

Protection - PRO-TECT YOUR INVESTMENT. To avoid future stains we can also apply protection to your carpet, rugs, upholstery and blinds. This prevents stains from becoming permanent and makes future cleans easier and more effective. Protection can also be applied to high traffic areas to prevent premature wear and tear.Our technicians are able to answer any questions you may have on the day. Pro-Tec technicians take the time to assess your needs and wants, as well as provide you with the level of service you deserve.

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