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We clean residential and commercial

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Brisbane Emergency flood & fire damage Nudgee, Clayfield, Stafford,
Aspley, Boondall and all Brisbane suburbs

Water damage extraction wand

We attend all kinds of emergency situations including flood, smoke, fire, water and sewerage damage...

...24 hours a day 7 days a week

We are able to attend to the problem ASAP and send the bill (if required) to your insurance company. We can carry out emergency work in both commercial and residential premises using our truck mount extraction equipment and special extraction wand.

Pro-Tec can attend any water damage incident including those caused by:

Storm/flood damage
Leaky roof
Burst water mains
Leaky washing machine or tap
Bath or Basin overflow

We dry the carpets using heavy duty Portable Dryers and install Dehumidifiers to extract the moisture out of the air speeding up the drying process. This helps dry out the walls and contents as well as the carpet. Pro-Tec also treat mould, mildew and bacteria before it becomes a threat.

Pro-Tec can completely clean and:

Decontaminate sewerage-affected areas
Remove and relay carpets and/or underlay
Deodorise carpets, blinds and upholstery

We can use our Ultrasonic cleaning tanks (usually used for blinds) to clean everything from blankets and rugs even shoes and clothing then use our heavy-duty dryers to speed up the process.

Pro-Tec can effectively:

Remove wall and contents damaged as a result of fire damage
Deodorise items contaminated by the smell of smoke including; carpets, blinds, upholstery, clothing, bedding etc.

Water, Sewerage or Smoke damage
Bodily fluids (Crime scene clean up)

If you are able to attend to the stain within a few hours, you can increase the chances of it being fully removed during carpet steam cleaning.

Always remember, do not spread the stain, work from the outside in.

Many stains can come back if not professionally cleaned quickly as the stain sets into the pile, the underlay and even the floor boards or concrete underneath. The stain needs to be completely extracted.

Wine stains - Wine can reek havoc with one's carpets. Put cold water straight onto the stain and dab away the stain without spreading it to non-affected areas

Paint strains - If it is a water based paint (acrylic, watercolour, most face paint, gauche) can be removed by just using cold soapy water. Use a gentle soap to avoid discolouring the carpet. If the paint is oil based (house paint, spray paint, car paint), you should call in the professionals to prevent spreading the stain.

Make-up - Lip stick is a difficult stain to remove as it is oily and makes a mess if spread. Pick up as much as you can with a paper towel to avoid it from spreading. Avoid scrubbing as this will push it back deep into the pile. Most other make up, like powder foundation and eyeshadow, can be easily vacuumed up, unless they are oily.

Crayon, felt pen - This is also a tricky one to attack. Most carpets only require warm soapy water, however wool carpets require professional attention.

Food -Food stains, if left behind can attract ants and more dirt if sticky. Pick up what you can with a paper towel or wash cloth. Usually warm soapy water is all you need, however, you need to ensure that all of the contaminants has been extracted to avoid the stain returning.

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